Thursday, April 16, 2009

CNN Is Hiring Despite Tough Times

I was happy to see this story from Bloomberg about how CNN is hiring despite the current economic downturn. These days, I'm so used to getting bad news about the state of journalism that I actually pounce on any sliver of good news, like this story.

The Atlanta-based company is cutting back on buying new technologies and plans to hire 30 employees for a news wire service it has created to compete with the Associated Press. CNN says it plans to tap its global news staff, its 22 bureaus, 900 television broadcast affiliates, its web site and radio station.

Now 30 new hires is a drop in the bucket compared with the 8,097 layoffs and buyouts so far in 2009, according to the Paper Cuts blog. And the key for journalists of color to be considered for those jobs is having an advocate like NABJ -- along with members already in place at CNN -- to emphasize the importance of having a diverse staff.

Despite cuts, many media outlets maintain Washington bureaus. And DC is also home to two universities -- American U (my alma mater) and Howard U -- that have nationally recognized journalism programs. Region II members have the ability to serve as strong advocates on the need for diversity.

As Region II Director, I would work with chapters to gather information on jobs, internships and co-ops that will help members get a foot in the door for those jobs. Times are tough, but I still strongly believe in the profession of journalism.

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