Friday, May 15, 2009

Tapping Social Media Tools To Land That Next Job

I am a regular listener of National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation. Half of the April 29 show was dedicated to what job seekers need to do to find employment in the Job Market 2.0 we all live in now.

I have always been of the mind to have a current resume on my computer and a jump drive at all times, even though I am very happy to be working where I am right now and have no plans to leave. I say this, because you never know what opportunities are out there for you.

But a paper resume is not enough.
These days, people tend to look for you online. I have a profile on LinkedIn and I have a Facebook page that I try to keep professional. I know some people -- like Andrew Humphrey of NABJ's Digital Task Force and candidate for NABJ Vice President-broadcast -- has his own branded web site that he uses for things like his bio, his resume, his videos, his weather blog and his NABJ campaign. When you Google his name, his site is the first thing that comes up.

One of the people interviewed on Talk of the Nation was Julie Weber, Sr. Director of People for Southwest Airlines. She talked about how Southwest was using social networks like LinkedIn to look for potential employees.

Fortunately, I haven't had to actually apply for a job since 1992, because networking has been an invaluable tool for me. And being on LinkedIn and Facebook have allowed me to cast the net even further.

NABJ has always been good about networking at the annual conference. But with the state that journalism is in these days, NABJ members have to step up to the plate and add these tools to help them stand out in a very competitive market. As Region II Director, I would work with board members and local chapters to offer members more information -- and tools -- to continue networking year round.

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